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The in motion checkweigher plays a very important role in the production line. It detects whether the weight of the product is qualified at the end of the line, and the unqualified ones will be automatically rejected. The in motion checkweighers have been widely used in industries with high requirements such as pharmaceuticals, food, and chemical industries. So what is the working principle of in motion checkweighers?

1. Know the in motion checkweigher

The in motion checkweigher is to weigh products under dynamic conditions. The in motion checkweigher transports the products through the production line, weighs them through the transport weighing platform, and removes unqualified products from the production line through the blower rejector. The in motion checkweigher can weigh the moving product, and it can check the weight of the product 100% automatically.

2. The working principle of the in motion checkweigher

The working principle of the in motion checkweigher: when an object passes on the in motion checkweigher platform, pressure is applied to the sensor source, the sensor is deformed, so that the impedance changes, and the excitation voltage is changed at the same time so as to output a changed analog signal. The signal is amplified by the amplifier circuit and output to the analog-to-digital converter. It is converted into a digital signal that is easy to process, and it is output to the CPU operation control, and the CPU outputs this result to the display according to keyboard commands and programs.

The in motion checkweighers are generally installed at the back end of production lines such as production instruments and automatic packaging. The purpose is to dynamically weigh and count product weights, perform sorting settings, prevent defective products from leaving the factory, and protect consumers while analyzing measurement data for further management of production. The in motion checkweigher can also feed back data to the production equipment. By controlling the production equipment in this way, it can prevent unnecessary loss of raw materials.

Function and Uses of in Line Checkweigher

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