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1. Application field and principle of conveyor belt metal detector

The conveyor belt metal detector is used to detect metal foreign objects mixed in the production process of food, medicine, cosmetics, textiles and so on.The principle of it is that three coils which are a central transmitting coil and two equivalent receiving coils are installed in a probe, and the oscillator emits a high-frequency magnetic field through the central transmitting coil connecting with the two receiving coils, but the polarity is opposite. When the magnetic field is not interfered by the outside world, the voltage output signals generated by them cancel each other out. Once metal impurities enter this magnetic field, this balance will be broken, and the induced voltages of these two receiving coils cannot be offset. The induced voltage which is not be offset will be  amplified by the control system, and the metal detector can detect the presence of metal and generate an alarm signal (metal impurities are detected). The system can use the alarm signal to drive an automatic rejection device, etc., so as to exclude metal impurities from the production line.

2. Features of conveyor belt metal detector

(1) Conveyor belt metal detector preduced by conveyor belt metal detector manufacturers ensures stable detection of the machine, good performance and long service life by means of stable stainless steel detection head and conveyor belt frame;

(2) Conveyor belt metal detector can detect magnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities, even if the metal is sealed in the product so that it can protect downstream equipment, reduce downtime, protect product quality, and recover investment costs in the shortest time;

(3) The non-metal area of the detection head is small, which can minimize the length of the conveyor belt, and make the conveyor body shorter and smaller;

(4) Stability: It has high stability. The inside of the coil is completely glued, which can effectively prevent the spread of electromagnetic waves and reduce the possibility of false alarms caused by the movement of external metal parts;

(5) Maximum sensitivity: Special design maximizes metal detection sensitivity.

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