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1. Function of inline checkweigher

A major feature of the inline checkweigher is to remove and classify unqualified products. This type of checkweigher is fast and accurate, so it is loved by the majority of users. The inline checkweigher performs dynamic automatic detection of 100% of the weight of the packaged products; the inline checkweigher automatically rejects and sorts the packaged products of the production line according to the settings; the in line checkweigher controls the product quality and effectively prevents overweight; it has functions of touch screen operation, network management, detailed records of data of qualified and rejected products.

2. The use of inline checkweigher

(1) Final inspection of product weight: The inline checkweigher re-inspects the weight of the product in the final link of product production, and rejects unqualified products to ensure that the weight of the products delivered meets the requirements. This helps ensure the interests of both consumers and production companies.

(2) Feedback control: The automatic checkweigher can also output a feedback signal to the packaging filling equipment according to the difference between the average weight and the nominal weight, and automatically adjust the average weight to make it consistent with the set weight, thereby reducing production costs.

(3) Product missing inspection: The inline checkweigher inspects products with small packages in large packages, such as beverage boxes, where there are multiple small bags of products in a large bag. Due to equipment or personnel factors, some products will be missing. Using an inline checkweigher to check the weight of large packages can ensure that there will be no missing products in the large packages. For example, there are 24 bottles of beverages per box, and the normal weight of each box is fixed. Then check the weight of each box to find out whether there is any leakage.

(4) Sort by column: the inline checkweigher can automatically classify products with uneven weight.

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