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Fresh Food Weigher- How Does High Dream React to the rise of the pre-made food industry?

Nowadays, the pre-made food that is popular on major e-commerce platforms has solved the eating problem for many young people. Effected by the "In-house Economy", the rapid development of supermarkets, social groups, new retail, convenience stores and other channels has made pre-made food closer to daily life.

Do you know where the pre-made food comes from? Prepared food suppliers are mainly divided into two types: food factories and third-party central kitchens. The third-party central kitchen is also pursuing the maximization of the scale effect to achieve maximum profits. It needs the support of the supply chain, including the central kitchen and intelligent equipment(such as meat packing machines, fresh food weighers, and sticky food weighers).

In the central kitchen, High Dream fresh food weigher will make a different! High Dream, an  international professional measurement system supplier, empowers the central kitchen with efficient and accurate weighing equipment. Let us take a look at what High Dream's flagship products can do for enterprises in the pre-made food industry!
Sticky Food WeigherIn the past two years, the variety of pre-made food have extended from common buns and dumplings to more complicated food. This requires High Dream fresh food weigher to have high-precision and high-stability weighting ability not only for simple ingredients, but also for some difficult-to-flow and sticky food. 


High Dream sticky food weigher, a 3-layer feeder with memory hoppers, greatly improves the speed and accuracy of weighing; optional linear feeder driven by vibration, screw and conveyor for food transportation; the hopper with scraper doors make the food fall more smoothly, avoiding blocking due to sticky and wet food, more convenient and hygienic!

High Dream knows clearly about the production and consumption logic behind the central kitchen and helps promote the overall development of the meat packing machine, assists customers to integrate and seizes market opportunities, and empowers the development of the pre-made food industry,Contact us now to start a win-win era!

It features intelligent fault alarms, so equipment failures can be easily detected, making maintenance easier. It is also equipped with a high-speed staggered discharge function to prevent material blockage.
It is also equipped with automatic feeding and is known for its high precision and high standards. All of its components are based on international standards, enhancing the interchangeability of the whole machine parts.
The integrated welding of the chassis and the middle seat greatly increases the strength of the machine. Its operator interface can be set to many languages, which makes it highly competitive in the global market.It supports multi-stage weight calibration and is compatible with many products made of different materials.
 Its precise construction greatly enhances the feeding rate and allows the material to flow smoothly. Highdream's perfect mold manufacturing technology makes sure that the weigher can be used to better prevent materials from falling and can effectively control the materials adhesion problem to ensure weighing accuracy.

With the continuous popularization of fresh food and frozen food, higher requirements have been put forward for fresh food weighers as well as meat multihead weighers.

To meet the performance needs of the poultry factory, High Dream can provide a wide selection of meat multihead weighers. They are perfect for creating retail packs and export packs, two of the most important fixed-weight tasks in chicken processing. The fresh food weigher for Fresh Poultry, which comes in three variants, is made to handle a variety of fresh poultry goods, including bone-in entire legs, drumsticks, thighs, and wings as well as boneless breast fillets, inner fillets, cubes, or strips, even when marinated.

High Dream intelligent customized high-speed meat multihead weighers is the main body of measurement system, equipped with a rotary bag-feeding packaging machine, automatic bagging, and heat sealing, which can adapt to various plastic film packaging bags of customers, and at the same time add quantitative detection points in the later stage. Select fresh food weigher to ensure food packaging safety regulations and ensure customer production efficiency.

fresh food weigher

meat multihead weighers

Multifunctional features of Meat multihead weighers and fresh food weighers are suitable for mixing/high-speed weighing of multiple or single kinds of sticky and bulk materials, such as sea food, fresh food, and other materials. Customized hoppers, internal high-grade waterproof structures, and other configurations can be applied to harsh production conditions, for example, the humid and low-temperature workshop environment and frozen food.

Even when each meat component has different handling and transporting characteristics, High Dream meat multihead weighers accurately weigh one or more meat components at once on a single machine. They work with a wide range of foods, including frozen, prepared, marinated, and fresh meat. Each weigher is customized and set up for the unique properties of the particular meat component.

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