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High Dream Weigher: The best choice High Dream Weigher: The best choice

High Dream Weigher: The best choice

for your Multihead weigher Check weigher,

Metal detector and Loss-in-weight feeder

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High Dream Multihead Weigher

  • High dream multihead weigher is a fast, accurate and reliable weighing machine, used in packing both food and non-food products. Highdream has an extensive range of multihead weighers suited to many food and non-food applications.

Automatic Weighing System

Weighing & Packing Solutions

Automatic Feeding Weighing, Check Weighing and Metal Detecting Package System. Highdream can provide high speed food weighing system, chemical weighing system and medicinal weighing system.

  • Multihead weigher widely used onfood project, like snacks, chips, salads,dried fruits. frozen foods. sticky food sand so on. We can provide the equipment combination according to your needs.
  • The food weighing and packaging machine realizes the assembly line operation of product packaging, improves the production efficiency of various industries, and greatly reduces the cost.
  • Chemical powder weighing system which has reduced the need to manually weigh many small volume chemicals.

About High Dream

No. 1 Multihead Weigher Manufacturer in China.
High Dream—The best choice for your modern automated plants
  • Guangdong High Dream Intellectualized Machinery Co., Ltd is a famous manufacturer of automatic weighing and metering devices, we provide customers with systematic solutions from product design, R&D, manufacturing, marketing, installation commissoning, technical training and after-sales service. High Dream has developed a variety of international level computerized multihead weigher, metal detector, check weigher, loss-in-weight feeder etc, which facilitate the intergration of multihead weigher and various packaging systems, from accurate feeding, weighing, bag filling, fast packaging, weight checking to metal detecting.
  • Based on 13 years' fast developping, Highdream IPO successfully, listed on China stock market from November 2017(Stock code: 300720). High Dream has grown to absolute leading manufacturer in the industry, own more than 480 full-time employees, 50 domestic and foreign patents, company area up to 72,300m², widespread users from more than 120 countries and areas around the world.
  • “Integrity, Quality, Innovation” is an everlasting business philosophy that High Dream adheres to. While comprehensively improving the industrial services of our products, we will endeavor to become an international professional supplier of weighing, packaging and metering system by virtue of international cooperation, innovation concept and strong management capability.
Why not get an offer for weighing system product? Why not get an offer for weighing system product?

Why not get an offer for weighing system product?

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