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Best Weigh Belt Feeder

It features intelligent fault alarms, so equipment failures can be easily detected, making maintenance easier. It is also equipped with a high-speed staggered discharge function to prevent material blockage.
It is also equipped with automatic feeding and is known for its high precision and high standards. All of its components are based on international standards, enhancing the interchangeability of the whole machine parts.
The integrated welding of the chassis and the middle seat greatly increases the strength of the machine. Its operator interface can be set to many languages, which makes it highly competitive in the global market.It supports multi-stage weight calibration and is compatible with many products made of different materials.
 Its precise construction greatly enhances the feeding rate and allows the material to flow smoothly. Highdream's perfect mold manufacturing technology makes sure that the weigher can be used to better prevent materials from falling and can effectively control the materials adhesion problem to ensure weighing accuracy.

People say don't judge a book by its cover. You shouldn’t judge a weigh belt feeder based on its "size". Today, we will focus on one of High Dream’s flagship products, a high-performance conveyor belt feeder, which is good at real-time continuous weighing.

High Dream focuses on R&D, provides integrated weighing solutions, and has won a number of technical patents and honors. As the leader in weighing and measurement, High Dream provides high quality and service.

Although these dynamic measuring equipment are relatively small in size, they can display unlimited possibilities in daily work, and have high operating performance. High Dream weigh belt feeder is stable, reliable, and durable

  • Disassembled without tools
  • 7 inch color touch-screen controller
  • Dual feedback control system
  • Open design facilitates cleaning and maintenance
  • Satisfy quantitative or continuous even feeding
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Accuracy ± 1%


Gaumont weighing belt feeder has a wide range of applications.
You can use it in power, metallurgy, coal, chemical, building materials and other industries. Gaumont's conveyor belt feeders can easily handle all major weighing and measuring sites. Gaomeng has strong production capacity and sufficient inventory and offers belt feeders for sale. With a professional team and easy after-sales maintenance, we can effectively help you save time and money and help you achieve efficient production.

In today's weigh belt feeder market, the demand for refined operations is increasing, conveyor belt feeder with high precision and high performance will have wider application fields for in the future.If you are interested in our weigh belt feeder or have related questions, please feel free to contact us, our conveyor belt feeder is sure to meet your project needs and alleviate your worries.

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