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Loss-in-Weight Feeder Loss-in-Weight Feeder

Loss-in-Weight Feeder

High Dream is specialized in manufacturing loss in weight feeder. High Dream loss in weight screw feeder includes: Twin Screw Loss-in-Weight Feeder, Single Screw Loss-in-weight Feeder, Vibratory Loss-in-weight Feeder, Liquid Type Feeder, etc. 

Loss-in-Weight Feeder Types

Twin Screw Loss-in-Weight Feeder

Twin Screw Loss-in-Weight Feeder

  • Double servo drives can adjust the mixing frequency and speed at any time; effectively prevent materials from bridging and improve feeding accuracy and stability.
Single Screw Loss-in-weight Feeder

Single Screw Loss-in-weight Feeder

  • Optional hollow screw and solid screw; no calibration is required to replace the material; the mixing speed can be adjusted according to actual needs.
Vibratory Loss-in-weight Feeder

Vibratory Loss-in-weight Feeder

  • The branded vibrator can ensure the stable and efficient of avoiding damage to the material.The feeding accuracy is high and the flow range is large.
Liquid Type Feeder

Liquid Type Feeder

  • Gravity metal detector is usually assembled between weigher and bag packing machine, under platform. It's to detect product before packed inside bag.
Loss-in-weight Colorant Feeder

Loss-in-weight Colorant Feeder

  • Check to learn more about Loss-in-weight Colorant Feeder.
Belt Feeder

Belt Feeder

  • It can meet the different needs of continuous feeding or quantitative feeding; the loss in weight feeder accuracy can reach ±1%; the enclosed design can effectively prevent dust.


Loss-in-Weight Feeder Working Principle


When the loss in weight feeder system is running, the product places in the hopper will be firstly sampled by the controller from the weight sensor, and at this time, the weight loss per unit time is the actual feeding quantity. Then, the deviation value will be obtained by comparing the actual feeding quantity with the set value, and then the speed of the loss in weight feeder motor will be adjusted by the closed-loop speed regulation so as to achieve the accurate feeding requirements.



Application of loss-in-Weight Feeder




  • Large transport capacity, high precision loss-in-weight feeder system

  • Through the replacement of accessories can correspond to the powder/particle feed

  • Screw part of the decomposition, simple assembly, easy to clean

  • There are corresponding specifications of pressure and explosion-proof, wear-resistant lining plate accessories

  • The continuous loss in weight feeder can be used as the front feeding device

  • The loss in weight feeder system can also be widely used for granule, powder, calcium carbonate, talc, resin film powder, flour, starch, etc

  • Design Service is available to non-standard loss-in-weight feeders

  • Pneumatic balance and dust removal options are available for the loss-in-weight feeder system

  • Professional and accurate weighing ingredients. The ingredients control system has a powerful production data statistics function, so as provide users with a strong guarantee for the scientific management of production.

It features intelligent fault alarms, so equipment failures can be easily detected, making maintenance easier. It is also equipped with a high-speed staggered discharge function to prevent material blockage.
It is also equipped with automatic feeding and is known for its high precision and high standards. All of its components are based on international standards, enhancing the interchangeability of the whole machine parts.

The integrated welding of the chassis and the middle seat greatly increases the strength of the machine.Its operator interface can be set to many languages, which makes it highly competitive in the global market.


It supports multi-stage weight calibration and is compatible with many products made of different materials.Its precise construction greatly enhances the feeding rate and allows the material to flow smoothly. Highdream's perfect mold manufacturing technology makes sure that the weigher can be used to better prevent materials from falling and can effectively control the materials adhesion problem to ensure weighing accuracy.

Most Authoritative Loss In Weight Feeder Manufacturers

High Dream, as one of the loss in weight feeder manufacturers with nearly 19 years of rich experience in the production and sales of measuring equipment industry, has brought professional weighing and measuring equipment and system-supporting solutions to various industries. With the function of automatic feeding, weighing, and batching, loss in weight feeder system have become the first choice in food, plastics, chemical, and other industries in terms of reducing labor costs and improving the workshop environment.


The Sales Director of the High Dream Loss-in-Weight feeder Department once said, "The loss in-weigh feeder is not completely a separate device. In many cases, we can provide a complete turnkey loss in weight feeder system for an actual project on-site according to the actual situation of the customer's factory building and the layout of the production line. Based on our precise understanding of powder and granular materials in its batching system and reliable grasp of upstream and downstream process knowledge, we integrate the team's rich supporting experience and creatively use our own technical know-how to bring the best to users. System operation effect and maximum benefit.”


loss in weight feeder manufacturers


Food Industry

Taking the quantitative uninterrupted automatic batching production of fried snack as an example, the main difficulty is that fried snack is relatively light in weight and relatively small in density, so it is necessary to ensure that the buffer zone of the belt scale is large enough and at the same time ensure that there is sufficient material supply.

High Dream intelligent loss in weight feeder system uses photoelectric switches to detect the high and low material levels in the horizontal conveyor, and controls the start and stop of the belt conveyor before frying so that the material in the horizontal conveyor is sufficient and prevents material overflow.


When a snack is frying, due to the temperature and water content in the pot, there will be relatively large fluctuations. As one of the best professional loss in weight feeder manufacturers, High Dream can control the actual working conditions of the site and the accurate and reliable operation of the loss in weight feeder system can ensure stable and reliable ratio work even when the raw material supply fluctuates.


Plastic industry

High Dream intelligent loss in weight feeder systems can currently be applied to the polymerization and granulation of large polyethylene and polypropylene. Of course, it is also used in the extrusion of multi-layer sheets and pipes.


Chemical industry

Different from the food industry and the modified plastic industry, explosion-proof must be considered for Class I workshops in the chemical industry.


In addition, the chemical industry generally has a relatively large amount of feed, which requires the use of large loss-in-weight feeders, which is also one of the difficulties, because most of the weighing range of loss in weight feeder manufacturers in China is generally between 2 kg and 2 tons.


As a leader among loss in weight feeder manufacturers, High Dream is fully capable of providing customers with a large loss in weight feeders.

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