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High Dream Offers Various and Comprehensive Weighing Machines High Dream Offers Various and Comprehensive Weighing Machines

High Dream Offers Various and Comprehensive Weighing Machines

High Dream offers one-stop packaging solution with our various and comprehensive automatic weighing and packing machine available. The machines including the multihead weighers, the vertical packaging machine, the combined automatic weighing and packing machine, the metal detector, the automatic weighing scale, the counting machine, the thermal transfer printer, the parallel manipulator, the loss-in-weight feeder system as well as the conveyor and the working platform.


Multihead Weigher Packing Machine for Sale

Loss-in-Weight Feeder

Loss-in-Weight Feeder

  • High Dream Loss-in-Weight Feeder includes: Twin Screw Loss-in-Weight Feeder, Single Screw Loss-in-weight Feeder, Vibratory Loss-in-weight Feeder, Liquid Type Feeder, etc.
Metal Detector

Metal Detector

  • High Dream Metal Detector includes: PU Belt Metal Detector, Modular Belt Metal Detector-belt Metal Detector, Metal Detector With Check Weigher Machine and Gravity Metal Detector.
Check Weigher

Check Weigher

  • High Dream Check Weigher includes: AC Series Check Weigher, Linear weigher and Auger Filler. Our check weigher can achieve very good results with the entire weighing system.

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How to Check if Scales are Accurate?


How to check accuracy of weighing scale has always been a frequently asked question for many customers. Generally, the accuracy of automatic weighing scale can be tested from the following two ways:

a. Measuring the Weight of Sample Products Two Times

Normally, the user of the automatic weighing scale can test the accuracy of the weigher by measuring the sample products two times in a row. If the data collected by the computer combination weigher is not the same, the computer will start the process of re-combination and auto-calibration.

b. Using the Function of Zero-Out

As the dust on the weighing products may sometimes be left on the automatic weighing scale during the weighing process, it is then naturally of great significance to check the working status of the weigher so as to ensure the accuracy of the next weighing process. To solve this problem, you can whether weigh the products 4-5 times so as to reduce the residual amount of the trimmed dust, or you can make the automatic multi-head weigher automatically zero out the weight of the scale so that the dust on the weighing bucket will be considered zero weight and does not affect the accuracy of the next weighing process.


How to Clean Weighing Scale?


After the weigher packing machine is used, the main vibration disc, line vibrating plate, and the storage hopper of the automatic weighing scale should be cleaned. You can flush these parts directly with water, or disassemble the parts of the weighing scale and start cleaning.

Weighpack Packaging Solutions


Three factors to consider when choosing a food weighing packaging machine


Good packaging can protect food from contamination by external factors and guarantee food quality and safety to vary degrees.

In recent years, the types of food packaging in Chinese are increasing, as well as the types of weigher packing machine behind it. However, in the face of a wide range of food weighing and packaging equipment on the market, how should users choose?


Facing different kinds of food weigher packing machine on the market, how should users choose?

First, the quality of weigher packing machine is particularly important. If the quality of food weighing and packaging equipment is not good enough, it will not only affect the efficiency of the entire food packaging production line, but also directly lead to unqualified food quality, and it will not be able to play a good role in ensuring food safety.


Second, the weighing accuracy and speed of the weigher packing machine need to be considered. At present, most food production basically realizes assembly line operation and food packaging is only a part of the production line. If a food production enterprise does not consider the accuracy and speed of weighing materials in the early stage when purchasing weigher packing machine, it will greatly reduce the operating efficiency of the entire production line, and at the same time there will be problems such as large errors, or it may make the later packaging process and other processes incompatible. Normal connection, resulting in a midway shutdown. Therefore, the requirements for weighing at high precision and high speed are also indispensable.


Third, automation and intelligence of weigher packing machine. According to relevant forecasts, the food automation industry will reach $2.5 billion by 2022. Today, as the automation and intelligence of the food industry continue to increase, how to improve the automation level of the food processing industry and food packaging industry is also a problem that companies need to focus on.


Combining the above three reference factors, High Dream's intelligent integrated weighing and packaging solution can fully meet your requirements.

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