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Major Features of the AC-RCB-FL Mini Metal Detector


The AC-RCB-FL Mini Metal Detector is a brand-new product from High Dream, which has a 7" color touch screen and is easy to operate. It can connect to the Internet via a USB port, so it's easy to control remotely.

The AC-RCB-FL Mini Metal Detector has 6 languages and 99 programs stored in its memory, so it’s user-friendly.

It's optimized for anti-vibration, so it's stable and won't drop out of alignment easily. The stainless-steel framework is durable and easy to clean.

The AC-RCB-FL Mini Metal Detector comes with a white PU belt that complies with hygiene requirements, so you don't have to worry about dirty belts or other impurities getting into your food products.

This machine has a high detecting speed—making it ideal for small packets—as well as IP 65 protection against dust and water splashes. A pneumatic air blow rejecting device collects rejected products into bins, which can be covered for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Application of the AC-RCB-FL Mini Metal Detector


The AC-RCB-FL Mini Metal Detector is a handy metal detection device that can be used to detect metal objects in industry. It is widely used in the following industries:

-Food industry. The Mini Metal Detector can be used in many types of food processing plants. The AC-RCB-FL Mini Metal Detector is used to detect the presence of metal in small food packages.

-Textile industry: The Mini Metal Detector is used to detect metal objects on clothes and so on.

 The Advantage of AC-RCB-FL Mini Metal Detector

The AC-RCB-FL mini metal detector is a very useful detection machine for metal detection of most small items.


Mini Metal Detector


Listed below are a few advantages of this product:


It has a transmission weight of ≤1KG, so anything under that weight can be a transmission for detection.

It has an easy-to-read screen that shows what you are detecting and what it is the situation.

It has a low false alarm rate, which means you get more accurate results when you use it.

It has multiple language settings. You can use many different languages.

It can adjust the speed of transmission and depending on the product, the detector can manually adjust the speed of transmission.

The detector also features an automatic sensitivity control and automatic gain control, which allows you to detect even tiny pieces of metal without having to adjust your settings manually. In the field, this will save time and effort!


Where to buy it?


When you are looking for a reliable AC-RCB-FL Mini Metal Detector supplier, you should choose High Dream.


Here are the reasons:


We are a leading company in China with more than 10 years of experience. We have rich experience in this field, so we can provide you with quality products and professional service.

We have a strict quality control system, which ensures our products are high quality.

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Our goal is to provide you with the best possible experience with High Dream and our products.

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