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Different Multihead weighers by Highdream



Multihead weighers bear a great responsibility in factories around the globe. For mass amounts of weighing and packaging, it is better to use multihead weighers. Many companies provide multihead weighers, but Highdream is a trusted brand in the weighing industry.


Highdream has been providing multihead weighers in the market for years. They have many different types for different purposes. These two of them are very popular :


Highdream 4.0G Basic 14 head weighers, made  of new waterproof stainless steel, are dust-proof, rust-proof, and waterproof, ensuring the safety of your food!


Highdream 4.0G Basic 10 head weighers allow precise control of feed time and carry out automatic control of pause when material is low, for more stable weighing.


Even after having so many models, there are some similarities in all of these machines. Highdream uses a 4.0 generation module system, that is better than many other weighers in the market. This system can weigh and count more accurately than the previous versions.


All of their machines are made from stainless steel which means they are rust-proof and more durable.  The performance can be controlled through the digital touch screen or it can be connected to any computer through WIFI.


They come with an intelligent alarm system that can stop the machine if anything goes wrong to save it from further damage. This system can prevent errors that are fatal for factories.


These machines are available in all common languages for different continents, so the production will not be hindered by languages.  These multihead weighers are very easy to operate and clean, which is a significant advantage. These machines are suitable for food factories, chemical factories, and any other industries that require multihead weighers.


They can weigh nearly any kind of product like dry, grainy, lumpy, powdery products, etc. During the installation process, our engineers will thoroughly assess the site environment and give reasonable recommendations to efficiently minimize the many consequences of unfavorable installation. After installation and commissioning, engineers will provide professional training to the site operators, including daily maintenance and usage specifications, etc. Due to the special nature of the use environment, after putting into production, the after-sales support will always follow up the customer's use and solve any problems from the customer's feedback in a timely manner.


We treat our customers with sincerity,  are concerned about what they need, consider what they desire, convey Highdream's high quality service in a more direct way, show more accurate and stable products in front of customers, respond quickly and solve efficiently, and know the way of service.

It features intelligent fault alarms, so equipment failures can be easily detected, making maintenance easier. It is also equipped with a high-speed staggered discharge function to prevent material blockage.
It is also equipped with automatic feeding and is known for its high precision and high standards. All of its components are based on international standards, enhancing the interchangeability of the whole machine parts.
The integrated welding of the chassis and the middle seat greatly increases the strength of the machine. Its operator interface can be set to many languages, which makes it highly competitive in the global market.It supports multi-stage weight calibration and is compatible with many products made of different materials.
 Its precise construction greatly enhances the feeding rate and allows the material to flow smoothly. Highdream's perfect mold manufacturing technology makes sure that the weigher can be used to better prevent materials from falling and can effectively control the materials adhesion problem to ensure weighing accuracy.

With the rapid development of modern industry, the food industry has put forward higher requirements for packaging accuracy, packaging speed, and many other aspects. At present, the traditional multi head combination weigher is difficult to meet the above requirements. In contrast, the weighing accuracy of the digital multi head weigher is much higher, thus gradually replacing the traditional digital multi head weigher and becoming the most needed by people.


The traditional multi head combination weigher, also called a digital multi head weigher, is to weigh while feeding and continue to feed until the target weight data is reached. When there is a slight difference from the target weight, an additional object must be added, that is, the fine measurement is performed after the rough measurement. When the object is large or heavy, there will be a large error, which affects the accuracy of its weighing.


multi head combination weigher

digital multi head weigher


The digital multi head weigher is composed of multiple weighing units with independent feeding and discharging structures. Generally, the multi head combination weigher is composed of 8 to 32 weighing units. When the multi head combination weigher is working, the computer uses the principle of arrangement and combination to automatically optimize the combination calculation of the load capacity of each weighing unit, and obtain the best combination close to the quantitative value for packaging.


For example, in a digital multi head weigher with ten weighing units, when weighing, each weighing unit is weighed, and the weight data of each weighing bucket is read into the computer, and the computer optimizes the combination and selects the closest combination of the target weight values.


In this way, the single weight of the object to be weighed is relatively large during the above-mentioned precise measurement and weighing, and it is difficult to realize the work of quantitative value. The multi head combination weigher is based on the combination close to the target weight as the final result.

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