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Loss in weight scale is a kind of weighing equipment with intermittent feeding and continuous discharging. Since the loss control is carried out in the hopper, it can achieve higher control accuracy. The structure is easy to seal, so it is a big improvement compared with the screw scale when controlling the powder. It is suitable for the control batching of fine materials such as cement, lime powder and coal powder.

1. The basic principle of loss in weight scale

The weighing hopper and the feeding mechanism are used as the entire scale body, and the weight signal of the scale body is continuously sampled by the weighing instrument or the upper computer, and the rate of change of the weight per unit time is calculated as the instantaneous flow rate. Then through various software and hardware filtering technology processing, the "actual flow" that can be used as the control object is obtained. The acquisition of this flow is very important and is the basis for the accuracy of the loss in weight scale.

2. Use of the loss in weight scale

The first step: After the equipment is installed, put the customer's materials into the hopper of the loss in weight scale for material calibration.

The calibration of the loss-in-weight feeder is of great significance to the stable operation of the subsequent loss-in-weight feeder.

The second step: After the calibration is completed, the loss in weight scale can measure and feed normally, and actually run.

During the operation of the loss in weight scale, the weighing sensor will collect the most accurate flow data in real time and send it to the weighing controller for processing.

The third step: After calculation, the real-time processing data are respectively transmitted to the touch screen for screen display and data communication, and the panel controls the speed of the motor.

In this way, the purpose of real-time adjustment of the flow can be achieved. At the same time, the loss in weight scale operates in a precise volume mode to ensure a stable and accurate flow.

How to Improve the Feeding Accuracy of Loss-in-weight Scale?

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