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The numerous kinds of food packaging machines are designed to guarantee that food is packaged securely and delivered to the client untouched. The entire automatic packaging machine of the auto packing system and its parts are composed of stainless steel or other materials that meet the requirements to maintain the safety and hygiene of food packaging. Additionally, it makes use of sophisticated electrical control systems and an easy-to-use machine-machine interface.

In this article, we will guide you on which food packing machines are suitable for your product. Read along to know more. 


What are the Types of Food Packaging Machines?

Automated food packaging machines have a large number of varieties revolving around the wide number of packagings like seeds, capsules, granular medicines, feed, and fertilizer. These materials are frequently used in chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and ancillary products industries. They can pack various solid materials like melon seeds, nuts, rock sugar, pistachios, almonds, raisins, and other snack foods.

What Machines are Involved in Food Packaging System?

Here are the following types of food packaging machines that are involved in food packaging systems and used to pack different types of foods:

  • Big Volume Product VFFS Packing System
  • Small Volume Product VFFS Packing System
  • Sticky Product Packing System
  • Cold Chain Packaging Solutions
  • Automated Packaging Solutions
  • MultiHead Weigher System


What are the Types of Multihead Weigher?

High Dream offers a variety of multi-head weigher machines that may be used for both food and non-food product. High Dream computer combination weighers combine high-speed operation with unparalleled accuracy and dependability. We are offered in entry-level to high-spec varieties.

They are essential for improving consistency and productivity on the assembly line. Our multihead weighers, including the multihead weigher 4.0 generation series, can be interfaced with existing packing equipment or used as a part of an integrated weighing and packaging line.

Here are the types of Multi Weigher that are listed below:

  • 4.0 Generation BASIC Multihead Weigher
  • 4.0 Generation PLUS Multihead Weigher
  • 4.0 Generation ATLANTIC Multihead Weigher
  • Compact Multihead Weigher Series


What is the Multihead Weigher Working Principle?

The multihead weigher is a combination calculation according to the 'combination' principle, where each time the material is discharged, the nearest combination of the target weight is selected among many qualified combinations.
The material falls through the elevator into the cross-cutting hopper of the combination scale and vibrates through the vibrating machine to distribute the product evenly over the conical funnel into the linear feeder tray. When there is no material in the cross-cut hopper or not enough material will be measured by the horizontal photoelectric detector, it will send a signal to the main board, and then send a feed signal to the conveyor through the main board to add material.


How Does a Multihead Weigher work?

The multihead weigher is composed of several independent weighing units with inlet and outlet structures. The computer uses the principle of arrangement and combination to calculate the load quantity of the weighing units for automatic preferential combination, resulting in the weight combination closest to the target weight value for packaging. This dynamic weighing, packaging is not only easy to operate, safe and stable, both to shorten the weighing time, but also to minimize the waste of raw materials. Of course the most important thing is that a set of equipment on line can replace the work of 5-6 workers. Thus helping enterprises to reduce costs and improve efficiency.


What are the Performance & Advantages of Multihead Weigher?

High Dream's Multihead Weigher is economically significant since it satisfies market needs while offering a good cost-performance ratio. The unique qualities of our products provide them a competitive edge when other, comparable products on the market offer fundamental advantages. It typically has a fair and reasonable price given all the appealing characteristics.
What is the Cost of Food Packaging Machines and Multihead Weigher?

We will examine one machine from each level of food packaging machines we currently provide to our customers. To help you choose the machine that is best for your unique needs, we will provide information on the anticipated monthly volume of each unit. To know about prices and other information visit our website



If you are considering buying multihead weigher and food packaging machines, think about consulting a professional who can help you choose the best vendor and machine for your requirements. You can also contact our packaging consultants by emailing us at or calling us at +86-757-22393573. As we are the leading manufacturer of multihead weigher & food packaging machines, deals in all kind of equipment such as food packaging system, food weighing system, and chemical weighing system. For more information visit our website

What Are the Functions of the Weighpack Machine?

Make your industry more productive and profitable with a weigh belt feeder.

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