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1. Advantages of automatic packaging line

The use of automatic packaging lines can save raw materials, improve labor conditions, reduce labor intensity, reduce product costs, and protect the environment. The automatic packaging line greatly improves production efficiency and completes the specialization of packaging products, which is unmatched by manual packaging. The automatic packaging line saves capital investment and reduces the area of the packaging site. When the product is manually packaged, because there are many packaging workers and the process is not compact, the packaging work covers a large area, so the use of automatic packaging lines instead of manual packaging is an inevitable trend of social development. The automatic packaging line improves the quality of product packaging, ensures the cleanness and safety of the packaged products, and strengthens the competitiveness of market sales.

2. The working principle of the basic bagging machine of the automatic packaging line

The basic bagging machine of the automatic packaging line is a packaging bag made of flexible materials, which fills powder, granular, fluid or semi-fluid items into it, and then vents (or inflates) and seals to complete the product packaging machine.

The roll film is introduced into the elephant trunk former through multiple guide rollers, and the film is gradually rolled into a cylinder at the lower end of the former, and then heated and pressurized by the longitudinal sealer, while the longitudinal sealing roller also pulls the film. The basic bagging machine of the automatic packaging line leads the packed material into the bag by the filling cylinder composed of the hopper and the inner wall of the former after being quantified by the metering device. The horizontal sealer of the basic bag filling machine of the automatic packaging line seals it horizontally. The rotation axis of the vertical sealer is spatially parallel to the rotation axis of the horizontal sealer. The sealed bag is cut and separated from the center of the horizontal sealing edge by a cutter and a three-sided sealed bag is got. The automatic packaging line has less traction on the film when making bags by the trunk forming device than that of the lapel forming roll, so the requirements for the film strength are not high.

Introduction to the Characteristics of the Automatic Packaging Line

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