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Application of Small Volume Product VFFS Packing System

Weighing and packing powders and granules, such as tea leaves, spices, and herbs, dehydrated vegetables, tablets, and capsules.


Application of Small Volume Product VFFS Packing System



Multihead Weigher

This micro multihead weigher is capable of handling ultra-low target weights at high speeds for high-value products with unsurpassed accuracy. Space-saving and flexible line layout: The micro weigher performs within a small footprint of just 942 x 942 mm and has a maximum height of just 1399 mm.


Micro Multihead Weigher



Packing machine

The packaging machine is a continuous motion vertical form fill seal packaging machine. It incorporates a unique sealing motion based on a hypocycloidal geometric path, to provide extended seal dwell time with a smooth, natural trajectory motion. Speed up to 180 bags per minute.



Sealing jaws motion

Continuous rotary

Film width


Bag length



Max.180 bpm

Power supply

380V, 50/60HZ, 7.5Kw

Air requests

0.5m3/min, 0.6Mpa

Outer dimension


Packing Machine

Sticky Product Packing System

The multihead weigher machine from High Dream

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