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In the food industry, in order to avoid the impact of metal foreign bodies on the quality of products, manufacturers are basically equipped with food metal detectors. The food metal detector can effectively detect metal impurities in food, so what should be paid attention to in the application of the food metal detector?

1. The standard test block of food metal detector is not as small as possible

The size of the test block selected by the food metal detector is very particular, don't be too big or too small. It would be great if the size of the three test blocks could be guaranteed to be 1.5mm or 1.2mm or less. As your customers and their customers will definitely have gold detectors, checking on each level is an extra layer of guarantee for product quality.

2. The food metal detector needs to have an online rejection device

If food testing blindly removes products that may contain metal foreign objects manually, these abnormal products may enter the next process due to human visual fatigue or inattention, and finally reach the consumers or customers. Therefore, it is very necessary to install an abnormal product rejection device online.

3. Food metal detector is not suitable for all materials

When metal enters the magnetic field generated by the energization of the detection coil, an eddy current is induced in it, which triggers the metal detector alarm. However, some people say that gold detectors are very powerful and can detect and remove metal foreign objects. However, it should be noted that the metal detector is not suitable for all materials. For example, when iron pyrophosphate and sodium iron ethylenediaminetetraacetate pass through the metal detector, it is easy to alarm. For this kind of material, we suggest not to use a food metal detector, but to switch to a screen and use it as a CCP point to control, because this is the last checkpoint.

4. Food metal detectors need to be overhauled and maintained from time to time

In the long-term use process of metal detection equipment, it is susceptible to various factors to affect the detection accuracy of the equipment, and even cause damage to the equipment. Therefore, the equipment needs to be maintained regularly to make it have a longer service life! The above are the aspects that need to be paid attention to in the process of using the food metal detector. Reasonable operation and use can ensure that the food metal detector has more accurate detection accuracy.

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