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1. Automatic checkweigher and static scale

Before using the automatic checkweigher, the measurement of the product weight usually uses a static scale. The product is manually weighed on the table of the static scale, and then manually sorted or rejected according to the measured weight. So what is the difference between manual weighing and automatic checkweigher?

2. The difference between manual weighing of static scale and automatic checkweigher

(1) Static scales measure the static weight of the product, while most automatic checkweighers measure the dynamic weight of the product in motion (even though there are very few automatic checkweighers that use a relatively static weighing process, but the relatively static time is also very short).

(2) The static scale weighing is manually operated, and the product needs to be manually placed on the carrier for weighing, and then the product is removed to prepare for the next product weighing. The automatic checkweigher weighing is completely automatic, and the product is weighed when it passes along the production line, without manual intervention or a dedicated operator.

(3) The sorting of products or unqualified products by static scale is manual operation, which will inevitably make mistakes. The corresponding operation of the automatic checkweigher is automatically carried out by the weighing display control device, with high accuracy.

(4) The working efficiency of static scales is very low, so for large quantities of products, a certain proportion of samples (such as 1% or lower) are usually taken manually and weighed on site, while the proportion of automatic checkweighers to check the factory products is 100 %.

(5) Static scale weighing has higher accuracy and repeatability, while the accuracy and repeatability of automatic checkweigher is slightly worse.

(6) For static scale weighing with recorded data, manual handwriting is required, while the automatic checkweigher can automatically record the data and classify and summarize it to realize big data management. It can also realize the feedback and control of the filling amount of the filling machine through the data reproduction of product.

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