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When it comes to packaging products, the "automatic loading weighing apparatus" is indispensable, which separates various bulk solid materials into independent loads according to the set values. The traditional "automatic loading weighing apparatus" has only one weighing hopper, however, with the increase of packaging varieties, the acceleration of packaging speed and the improvement of packaging accuracy, the single hopper weighing can no longer meet the needs of the market. Therefore, at the end of the twentieth century, a diversified and intelligent "automatic loading weighing apparatus" appeared. R61 is suggested to call it a "multihead weigher " by international recommendations. This type of weighing apparatus uses multiple hoppers (8 to 32 hoppers) to weigh at the same time, and then uses a computer to determine which combination of weighing hoppers is close to the set value.

The multihead weigher has the following advantages:

1. The multihead weigher greatly improves the productivity of laborers,which is able to pack 50-80 bags of products per minute.


2. The multihead weigher can ensure that the net weight of each bag is the same in accordance with the weight requirements of the packaged product to ensure the quality of the product.

3. The multihead weigher can reasonably reduce the compressive strength of laborers, so as to improve the labor efficiency that reduced due to the manual packaging.

4. The multihead weigher can reasonably prevent the damage to the body caused by some raw materials, also, it can protect the ecological environment from pollution.

5. The multihead weigher can reduce the cost of packaging and lower the additional cost caused by more labor.

6.  The multihead weigher can ensure the hygiene and safety of products.

When purchasing a multihead weigher, pay attention to the following points:

1. The number of weighing hoppers: The weighing speed of a multihead weigher mainly depends on the number of weighing hoppers. The more weighing hoppers, the faster the weighing speed.


2. Product properties: Such as material size, shape, viscosity and other characteristics.


3. Weighing accuracy: Choosing a good sensor is a perfect combination of accuracy and speed.


4. Special requirements: According to the function, the multihead weighercan be divided into following types: waterproof type, rust-proof type, anti-collision type as well as universal type, etc. The non-waterproof multihead weigher basically does not need maintenance in the course of use, only daily cleaning is required. The waterproof multihead weigher can be washed regularly.

Common Sense of the System of Multihead Weigher

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