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1. Industry introduction of loss-in-weight feeder

With the improvement of continuous and accurate metrological control requirements for materials, especially solid materials in the industrial production process, a new metering equipment, loss-in-weight feeder came into being.


The loss-in-weight feeder is an equipment for continuously and accurately measuring materials according to the weight change of the material on the scale. The loss-in-weight feeder has gradually replaced the original belt scale, spiral scale, and even the cumulative scale. As a new metering method, the loss-in-weight feeder is widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry and chemical fiber industry.


2. Brief introduction of loss-in-weight feeder

loss-in-weight feeder is a kind of automatic weighing scale which realizes continuous and quantitative feeding with high precision through static weighing method. It can reliably, accurately and stably feed powder, granule, sheet and other dry bulk materials, so as to reduce material waste and improve the consistency of the mixture.


3. Solution for loss-in-weight feeder

The solution for loss-in-weight feeder takes PLC as the core control system configuration, takes weighing module as the weight collection object, takes the scale platform, the feeding funnel and all the equipment acting on the scale platform as the whole scale body. The sensor continuously transmits the weight change of the scale body to the controller. According to the signal, the weight change rate of the scale body in unit time is calculated as the actual instantaneous flow rate, and then compare it with the set target flow rate. After the PID operation, the current signal of 4-20 mA is output to change the output frequency of the frequency converter of the feeding motor, so as to change the speed of the motor, make the actual feeding amount as close as possible to the set target flow rate, and achieve the purpose of accurate feeding.

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