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1. Checkweigher is divided into static checkweigher and dynamic checkweigher

In principle, the checkweigher must be divided into dynamic checkweigher and static checkweigher. 

Static checkweigher means that the product must be manually placed on a platform scale for weighing. Precision weighing results can be obtained with static checkweighers, but this process can only be performed by sampling. 

Dynamic checkweigher, also known as automatic checkweigher, is used to monitor and classify standard piece rate goods according to the weight in the production process. This is the automatic weighing (100% control) for all products produced, and the products on the conveyor belt are weighed continuously, that is, they are in the dynamic state. In this case, it is not the checkweigher itself but the rate of production that determines when the checkweigher outputs the weight values.

2. The application of automatic checkweigher

Automatic checkweighers can be permanently integrated into the production line to check products in production at a fast production rate. There are different types of checkweighers, which are classified as in-line checkweighers or terminal checkweighers depending on where they are used. Multitrack checkweighers may also be used if volume requirements are high, and the filling and packing equipment delivers products on multiple tracks in parallel. The assembly unit that combines an automatic checkweigher and a metal detection machine (critical control point, CCP) provides a space-saving solution because they use the required weighing input belt for metal detection. 

A typical automatic checkweigher usually consists of three conveyor belts arranged in a row, from which the weighing input belt delivers and separates the product correctly by accelerating and transfers it to the next weighing belt as perfectly as possible. Automatic checkweighers (with or without an integrated metal detector) provide a complete record of all measurements, including a wealth of important data about the actual performance (and productivity) of the production line.

The Source and Working Steps of the Combination Weigher

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