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High Dream is specialized in manufacturing loss in weight feeder. High Dream loss in weight screw feeder includes: Twin Screw Loss-in-Weight Feeder, Single Screw Loss-in-weight Feeder, Vibratory Loss-in-weight Feeder, Liquid Type Feeder, etc. 

Loss-in-Weight Feeder Types


Loss-in-Weight Feeder Working Principle

When the loss in weight feeder system is running, the product places in the hopper will be firstly sampled by the controller from the weight sensor, and at this time, the weight loss per unit time is the actual feeding quantity. Then, the deviation value will be obtained by comparing the actual feeding quantity with the set value, and then the speed of the loss in weight feeder motor will be adjusted by the closed-loop speed regulation so as to achieve the accurate feeding requirements.

Application of loss-in-Weight Feeder


  • Large transport capacity, high precision loss-in-weight feeder system

  • Through the replacement of accessories can correspond to the powder/particle feed

  • Screw part of the decomposition, simple assembly, easy to clean

  • There are corresponding specifications of pressure and explosion-proof, wear-resistant lining plate accessories

  • The continuous loss in weight feeder can be used as the front feeding device

  • The loss in weight feeder system can also be widely used for granule, powder, calcium carbonate, talc, resin film powder, flour, starch, etc

  • Design Service is available to non-standard loss-in-weight feeders

  • Pneumatic balance and dust removal options are available for the loss-in-weight feeder system

  • Professional and accurate weighing ingredients. The ingredients control system has a powerful production data statistics function, so as provide users with a strong guarantee for the scientific management of production.

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No.3 Longzhan Road, Huanglong Beijiao, Shunde, Foshan, 528311, Guangdong China