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In order to adapt to the rapid development of production mode, we have introduced a simpler and more suitable quantitative belt feeder for various industries to meet the needs of different customers after continuous research and improvement, so that the performance of large-scale equipment can reach its highest performance required. However, even the best equipment, there will be problems during use, due to the use of operation methods, use environment and other reasons.

1. Introduction to quantitative weigh belt feeder

Quantitative belt feeder is mainly a kind of equipment for measuring bulk and powder materials. It has the functions of automatic continuous weighing and batching. It mainly includes two main parts: scale body and control system. The sealing performance of the original parts of the control system is very good. The main function is to receive the weighing signal of the weighing sensor of the quantitative belt feeder and the speed signal of the speed sensor on the customer site, and comprehensively process them.

2. Reasons for unstable feeding of quantitative weigh belt feeder

In actual use, the speed signal can generally truly reflect the actual speed of the quantitative belt feeder, and the failure rate is relatively low. Therefore, for the quantitative weigh belt feeder, the main factors that affect the instability of the feed are the material level of the material box, the friction force when the belt is running, the characteristics and humidity of the material, the temperature and the tension of the belt, especially the characteristics of the material. The weigh belt feeder has a fast transportation speed, which will directly affect the feeding stability of the quantitative belt scale.

In order to avoid similar problems and ensure that the quantitative belt feeder always keeps in good working condition, please check whether the cross spring of the quantitative belt feeder is broken, whether the frame safety screw is larger than 3mm, and whether the load cell can be deformed significantly, whether there are foreign objects stuck in the bellows, etc before operation.

Not only that, but also must carefully check whether the temperature of the motor and reducer of the quantitative belt feeder is too high; whether there is abnormal sound; whether the reducer is short of oil; whether the baffle is damaged; whether there is material leakage or leakage; whether the inside of the belt there is excess material; whether the belt is damaged; whether there is deviation in belt operation; whether the metering roller falls out of the slot; whether the metering roller bearing is damaged; whether there is debris on the metering roller, etc.

The above are the parts that need to be checked when the belt feeder is unstable and the possible problems. Understanding the problems related to the belt feeder will help maintain stable operation.

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