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With the increasing strength of information technology, industrial intelligent packaging equipment is no longer a topic that only exists in the future. In order to meet the increasing different demands of manufacturers for equipment, the High Dream Intellectualized Machinery has designed and developed a variety of multi-head microcomputer combination weighers with international standards, which has contributed to the best quality system of multi-head microcomputer combination weigher and vertical (bag-type) filling and packaging machine with weight tester, Z conveyor, vibrating feeder, finished product conveyor, etc, providing manufacturers with a more efficient, convenient, safe and intelligent production environment.

1. Functional innovation

1) Adding the function of shutting down for the lack of material, when the material conveying does not reach a certain amount or there is no material conveying, the combination weigher will automatically shut down. This function effectively ensures the operation stability of the combination weigher and avoids the loss of the machine when it is running empty.

2) The vibration machine setting function: each one can set the amplitude separately, which is more convenient than that only can be set as a whole before.

3) Weighing and counting function: the number can be used to calculate when weighing materials. It gives customers more choices and is more scientific than just counting in grams before.

4) The vibration machine gain function: is for controlling the strength of the amplitude and make the material conveying smoother.

5) The main vibration setting function is used to control the addition of materials.

6) Sequential discharge function: the weighing hopper can discharge materials in sequence to avoid blockage.

2. Appearance design

The touch screen display of the combination weigher supports multi-language environment, which has the characteristics of smoother appearance, waterproof and dust-proof design, longer service as well as faster touch screen respond, what's more, it is also convenient for customers to operate.

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The multihead weigher machine from High Dream

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