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Automatic checkweigher is also called sorting scale, sorting machine and so on. It is suitable for products that are inspected in the terminal process of the packaging assembly line, and provides a more economical solution for simple online inspection. It has the characteristics of fast detection speed, high measurement accuracy, and strong expansion performance. The maximum identification speed varies with the status, length and conveyor speed of the weighing object, and the minimum precision varies with the status of the weighing object. So what are the applicable scope and characteristics of the automatic checkweigher?

Ⅰ. What are the applicable scopes of the automatic checkweigher?

The automatic checkweigher is mainly used for automatic weight detection, upper and lower line discrimination or weight classification selection on various automatic packaging lines. This scale is widely used in online high-speed packaging checkweighing applications in pharmaceutical, food, health care, daily chemical, battery, light industry and other industries. The automatic checkweigher detects the weight of the product on the production line with a high-speed dynamic weight reading method, which can accurately detect the unqualified products in the continuous production line. In this way, it can perform the control of the upper and lower line discrimination or the automatic weight sorting, which is especially suitable for the inspection of missing parts in the packaged products.

Ⅱ. Features of automatic checkweigher

1. The High Dream weigher could help you effectively control costs.

2. The automatic checkweigher has a high standard of weight detection and refuses high fines.

3. Feedback control of automatic checkweigher to ensure effective filling volume.

4. The automatic checkweigher saves costs and increases product profits.

5. The automatic checkweigher comprehensively promotes process improvement and efficiency.

6. The automatic checkweigher improves product quality and meets the strict production process of customers.

7. The automatic checkweigher saves labor costs.

8. The automatic checkweigher reduces the false rejection rate and avoids rework and waste.

9. The automatic checkweigher ensures that the interests of customers are not affected.

10. The automatic checkweigher improves the efficiency of the production line.

Precautions for Choosing Automatic Checkweigher

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