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Ⅰ. About automatic checkweigher

Checkweighers are completely different from other types of weighing equipment. Their uses are different and their measurement ranges vary greatly. The automatic checkweigher must also adapt to the requirements of the product production line, so its structure, size, and accessories are different from other types of scales. There are also differences in the grades of automatic checkweighers. Low-cost, fast-order basic automatic checkweighers are used for simple tasks, and high-accuracy automatic checkweighers complete the inspection and control of key production lines. It can even be said that each checkweigher must be designed and manufactured according to specific specific applications. Sometimes checkweighers are customized products that need to be customized according to user needs, and are equipped with specific mechanical options and software functions.

Therefore, the design conditions are very important. Users who are willing to buy an automatic checkweigher should negotiate with the manufacturer and propose design conditions to help the manufacturer of the automatic checkweigher evaluate the user's needs and provide the best personalized solution. The manufacturers of checkweighers have a thorough understanding of the checkweighers themselves, but their users' thoughts and the details of the user's production line are not well understood. Therefore, manufacturers need to understand the user's production and demand information as accurately as possible.

Ⅱ. Precautions for purchasing automatic checkweigher

1. Information of the product being checked by the automatic checkweigher, such as weight, shape, size, physical properties, etc.

2. Information about the product production line, such as throughput, conveying speed, table height, etc.

3. Information about the production environment, such as temperature, humidity, ventilation, fire and explosion requirements, etc.

4. The requirements of the automatic checkweigher for accessories, and the requirements for the transmission of the detection data of the automatic checkweigher.

5. In addition to the weight inspection of the products on the production line, are there other inspection requirements, such as metal inspection, X-ray inspection, and visual inspection.

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