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Considering the accuracy and safety of food measurement, all retail commodity manufacturers, especially the food production industry, have deployed packaging measurement testing equipment to enable packaged food to meet the specified requirements. Among them, the multi-head computerized combination weigher is especially favored by food manufacturers.

1. What kind of product is suitable for multi-head computer combination weigher?

The combination weigher is mainly suitable for high-speed, high-precision automatic quantitative weighing of uniform and uneven particles, regular and irregular bulk items. There are mainly the following categories of products: the first category is puffed food; the second category is candy and melon seeds; the third category is pistachios and other large-shell nuts; the fourth category is jelly and frozen food; the fifth category is snack food, pet food, plastic hardware and so on.

2. What aspects should food manufacturers pay attention to when choosing a multi-head computerized combination weigher?

(1) Accuracy Requirements

In order to reduce the loss caused by multiple products when choosing a combination weigher, food manufacturers are generally willing to choose a high-precision computer combination weigher. Therefore, users should understand the important allowable error requirements of the packaged food before purchasing a combination weigher.

(2) Requirements for measuring speed

When choosing a combination weigher, in order to get good economic benefits, while choosing high-precision equipment, fast speed is also very important. At present, the measuring speed of an ordinary combination weigher is about 60 bags/min, but the more the number of weighing heads, the faster the speed. For example, the speed of a 10-head scale is 60 bags/minute, and the speed of a 14-head scale is 120 bags/minute. At the same time, attention should be paid to matching vertical conveyors and packaging machines at the front and rear ends of the combination weigher to complete the whole process from weighing and measuring to packaging.

(3) Requirements for material specific gravity and particle size

For materials with different specific gravities, when choosing a combination weigher, due to the different specific gravities of the materials, even the materials of the same weight will have very different volumes. Therefore, when choosing a combination weigher, the manufacturer cannot just look at the maximum combined weight of the scale, but also refers to the maximum combined capacity.

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