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The multihead combination weigher, also known as combination weighing apparatus, is used for rapid quantitative weighing of granular, strip and irregular materials, which is composed of multiple independent weighing units with feeding and discharging structures. First of all, the AD weighing module converts the elastic deformation of the pressure sensor weighing unit into a weight value and stores it in the register, then the CPU reuses the principle of permutation and combination to automatically optimal combination calculate the weight value of the weighing unit, and obtain the best weight combination which is the closest to the target weight value for blanking.


1. Main advantages of multihead combination weigher

(1) The mechanical automatic weighing is conducive to the food safety.

(2) Fast weighing speed.

(3) High dynamic weighing accuracy.

(4)  High degree of automation.

2. Application scope of the multihead combination weigher

It is suitable for rapid quantitative weighing of various irregular materials such as granular, flake, strip, spherical, etc. For example: candies, fruits (raisins, dates...), nuts (walnuts, pistachios...), pet food, roasted seeds and nuts food (melon seeds, peanuts...), puffed foods (potato chips, shrimp crackers...), frozen foods (sweet dumplings, dumplings...), hardware, plastic pellets and other manufacturers that require quantitative weighing.


Comparing the use of 10 head multihead weighers to carry out the quantitative weighing with the use of the general electronic scale when accomplishing the same work: It requires 10 head multihead weighers, an operator, and requiring that the speed is 60 bags/min, the error per bag is 0.3~0.5 grams, the total error is about 8 kg per day, about 3 tons per year. While it is required 5 general electronic scales, 5 operators, 12 bags/min, the error per bag is 2 grams, and the total error is 57 kg per day, 20 tons per year.


It is obvious that the use of multihead combination weigher can help the manufacturer save 4 manpower and 17 tons raw materials every year. Therefore, the choice of multihead combination weigher is a smart choice for merchants.

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