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There are many types of scales, including pole scales, platform scales, case scales, spring scales, electronic scales, pallet balances, electronic scales, and electronic loader scales. So many scales can meet a variety of different needs. The weightlessness scale is also called the weightlessness feeder. What is the function of the weightlessness scale?

1. The function of loss in weight scale

The weightlessness scale is suitable for the control batching of fine materials such as cement, lime powder and coal powder. Weightlessness scale is a kind of weighing equipment with intermittent feeding and continuous discharging. Since the loss control is carried out in the hopper, relatively high control accuracy can be achieved, and the structure is relatively easy to seal. Therefore, compared with the use of a screw scale, the powder control is greatly improved.

The purpose of each type of scale is different. General scales are used to weigh objects, while the loss in weight scale provides convenience to the breeding industry and makes feeding faster. In fact, it is also a feeding machine. After using it, it saves labor and solves the problem of extra capital waste for industrial production.

2. The performance of loss in weight scale

The frame of the weightlessness scale is the overall supporting force, and the connection and support of each part of the machine are completed by it. The material needs to pass through the feed valve before feeding. Regarding the type of valve, ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, etc. are used. The performance of the weightless scale is mainly considered from its airtightness, the flexibility of the switch, and the fluency of feeding. The material weighed by the weightlessness scale is carried by the weighing hopper, and its corrosion resistance and acid resistance need to be considered when weighing.

The weightlessness scale will have certain requirements on the material in the process of using it. The simplest point is that it has good fluidity. For materials with poor fluidity, agitators come in handy. It can assist materials with poor fluidity and complete unloading.

What Are the Conveniences of the Loss in Weight Scale for Work?

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