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Does the food metal detector work principle important in production?



A metal detector for the food industry is a type of electronic device we use to detect the presence of metal in unpackaged, packaged, or bulk goods. The metal detector is one of the most used detecting devices around the world. Food metal detectors can be used anywhere, even in food products, to identify the level of metallic presence depending on the object. The metal detector working principle is another important thing to consider when getting any metal detector for your company. Because different metal detectors have different working principles. So, you better find it out which one will be appropriate for you. In Guangdong High Dream Intellectualized Machinery Co. Ltd., we provide several types of metal detectors based on the kinds of foods you produce, the systems handling that food, and the space available in your facility.  Such as:


Combined Metal Detector & Check Weigher

Conveyor Belt type Metal Detector


Conveyor Belt type Metal Detector:


This type of metal detector can help you find the metallic impurities in a food packet, PC belt metal checker transmission capacity up to 5 kg (kilograms). This metal detector is widely used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and textile industry.


Modular Belt type Metal Detector:


The modular belt metal detector working principle is identifying the metallic impurities in food packs even though the food is frozen or wet. A modular belt metal detector can be used for large quantitative measurements, especially for a large or heavy bag or carton (i.e.: 10 kg flour), 30 kg rice, etc.


Combined Metal Detector / Check Weigher:


The weighing machine is a great addition to our R&D team, its purpose is to check whether the product is underweight or overweight. Not only does it help with saving time, but also it reduces unintentional labor costs. Our engineers designed it to give you the most precise result.

Gravity Metal Detector:
 Gravity metal detectors are suitable for installation in free-falling environments such as falling pipes, the bottom of combination scales, and the feed port of vertical packaging machines. Under the force of gravity, these products pass through the detector before further processing or packaging.
The gravity metal detector features are it can perform even if the food item is covered with aluminum foil. For example, when a food item is packed with aluminum foil, then all types of metal detectors won’t seem to work correctly. In these cases, it is rare for this type of metal detector to go wrong in its work.


Gravity Metal Detector

Modular Belt type Metal Detector




We have a group of intelligent engineers who are very genius in their methods. The R&D teams are always working to achieve the best result and developing new products which can reduce cost and lower the product price as well. On top of them, we have an efficient and experienced QC (Quality Control) team who are always working to find out if there is any issue or anything wrong with the device that can dissatisfy our clients. Every single metal detecting unit is tested multiple times and properly checked for any problem. Our main goal is to satisfy our clients and maintain the industry standard.

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