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Ⅰ. The source of the combination weigher

In the 1970s, the Japan Agricultural Association raised the subject of weighing green peppers to relevant weighing instrument companies. In Japan, green peppers are usually sold in the form of quantitative packaging in bags. If the quantitative value of each bag of green peppers is 120 grams, it is very difficult to pack 120 grams accurately. Since the weight of a single green pepper is heavier and the difference is large, less weight is related to the interests of consumers, and more weight is related to the cost of the enterprise. The traditional method is manual weighing, that is, when one green pepper followed by another green pepper weighing on a static electronic scale is added to 115 grams, it is almost impossible to find a 5 gram green pepper to add. You must take a smaller green pepper from 115 grams and add another larger green pepper. If the weight is much more than 120 grams or less than 120 grams, you need to repeat the above work, so the weighing efficiency is extremely low, and it is difficult to achieve a result close to the target weight (quantitative value). After the technicians conducted a lot of investigation and research on this, they used the combination weigher to successfully solve the above-mentioned green pepper weighing problem. Some large food companies even use it as designated equipment.

Ⅱ. Working steps of combination weigher

1. The material is sent to the hopper by the material conveyor. When the material is added to the preset horizontal position, the electronic eye on the side of the hopper detects and sends a signal to stop the conveyor from feeding until the horizontal position of the material on the hopper drops. When the preset level is reached, the electronic eye will send out the feed signal again;

2. The material is in the storage hopper. Through the vibration of the main vibration machine, the material will evenly fall into the line vibration plate from the main vibration plate, and feed each line vibration plate;

3. The vibration of the line vibrating machine causes the material to be discharged from each line vibrating plate and enter the hopper for storage;

4. When the weighing hopper completes the last weighing and is emptied, the upper hopper is opened to allow materials to enter the weighing hopper of combination weigher for weighing, and the output signal transmits data to the main board of the control device through the lead, and the CPU on the main board reads and records the weight of each weighing bucket is calculated, analyzed, and combined to select the combination weighing bucket closest to the target weight.

5. When there is an allowable discharge signal, the CPU sends a command to start the driver to open the selected weighing hopper, the material is sent to the collection hopper through the chute or directly into the packaging machine, and sends the discharge signal to the packaging machine to complete the packaging.

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