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Are you in search of the perfect multihead weigher machine for your product? Look no further. High Dream offers a range of weighing solutions tailored to the unique characteristics of your product.


Multifunctional and efficient multihead weigher machine

Our multihead weighers and packaging systems are the epitome of reliability and accuracy. Whether you need to handle meat, rice, snacks, vegetables, or other food or non-food products, our ingredient weighing solutions can meet your needs. you deal with snacks, meat, rice, vegetables, or other food and non-food products, our dosing solutions are versatile and efficient. Experience the reliability and speed of our systems through a production test at our factory, where we provide comprehensive advice based on your specific needs.


Stainless steel industrial material design

Crafted entirely from stainless steel, our precise weighing machines are designed for professional industrial use, particularly for companies in the food sector. The circular design and intelligent combinatorics of our multihead weigher machine ensure an incredibly high power density, making them ideal for packaging a wide array of products. The weighing hoppers, available in various sizes and shapes, cater to the dosing needs of all products.


multihead weigher machine


High precision multihead weigher machine

Choose from our range of machines with 10 to 30 weighing hoppers, depending on your required capacities. The intuitive operation via a 10.1" color display with a touchscreen and easy USB export of statistics make our weighing systems user-friendly. They seamlessly integrate with all types of packaging machines, ensuring precise weighing with high accuracy and speed.


Efficient and clean intelligent control system

Suitable for a variety of goods, our filling scales are designed for continuous dosing and packaging, while also handling products including snacks and meats. Made of hygienic stainless steel and equipped with a 4.0 generation control system, these scales offer efficiency and cleanliness. With the continuous further development of our software and user interface, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of functions for every multihead weigher machine. Benefit from software that intelligently controls your production, increases efficiency and minimizes machine downtimes.


More flexible and highly customizable options

Different types of goods and their specific properties require a high degree of customization. We use the latest measurement technology and modern load cells. After extensive testing, our scales are specially adapted and customized for each product, with rolling platform scales. , they become more flexible.


Choose a trustworthy multihead weigher machine

We work with you to analyze your needs and requirements and optimize them to find the right weigh feeder or multihead weigher machine. You can rely on our experience and objectivity when we advise you. We perform a precise needs analysis of your weighing project and won't recommend anything you don't need. We offer you a complete satisfaction guarantee for our weigh feeders and multihead weighers. Test your products at our factory - make an appointment now.

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