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Those who are familiar with packaging machinery know that powder and granule packaging machinery can be divided into valve bag packaging machines, open bag packaging machines, ton bag packaging machines, small bag packaging machines, etc. according to the different packagings. According to different conveying methods of materials, packaging machines are divided into impeller packaging machines, auger packing machines, pneumatic packaging machines, hybrid packaging machines, etc.

Here HIGH DREAM will give you a brief introduction to the internal structure and advantages of the impeller packaging machine and the auger packing machine.

1. The internal structure of the impeller packaging machine and the auger packaging machine

The material conveying device of the impeller packaging machine is an impeller. The impeller is equipped with several impeller blades. The motor rotates to drive the impeller to rotate. The material enters the impeller groove from the upper silo, and the rotating impeller brings the material to the discharge port and enters the packaging bag.

The feeding device of the auger packing machine is a screw. The screw is composed of a central shaft and a spiral impeller. The rotation of the motor drives the screw to rotate to bring the material to the discharge port to complete the bagging operation.

2. Advantages of impeller packaging machine and auger packing machine

The impeller type packaging machine has a large output, simple structure, convenient maintenance, not easy to jam, but easy to expand the bag (caused by more air in the material), so the impeller type packaging machine is usually used for packaging materials with larger particles.

The spiral packaging machine has a more complicated structure, accurate measurement, and can accurately adjust the material conveying speed without expanding the bag. Therefore, it is mostly used for packaging materials with finer particles and high measurement accuracy requirements.

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