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The weight packaging machine is an automatic equipment integrating high technology, high performance and high efficiency. The user must be proficient in its performance and correct use method, and do a good job in daily maintenance to maximize its effect.

Precautions for maintenance of weight packaging machine

1. The personnel who use the weight packaging machine daily must be fixed. Such personnel must be trained, be able to master the startup and packaging procedures, and be able to simply debug the instrument and change the parameters;

2. The instrument debugging personnel must be strictly trained by the manufacturer, and be able to master the instrument performance, working procedures, operating modes, working status, and common fault troubleshooting and handling;

3. Untrained personnel are strictly prohibited to operate computer instruments. Daily maintenance must ensure that the inside and outside of the computer instrument box are clean and dry, and the wiring terminals are not loose or fall off. Ensure that the circuit and gas path are unblocked. The two-piece pressure regulating valve is clean and can not store water;

4. Mechanical part: The transmission and moving parts of the newly installed new machinery must be inspected, tightened, and refueled within one week of use; thereafter, they must be regularly inspected and maintained every month;

5. The automatic oiler of the sewing machine must have oil, and the manual oiler must be used to fill the movable parts with oil once every shift;

6. Workers in each shift must clean up the site when they leave work, remove dust, discharge water, cut off electricity, and cut off gas before leaving their jobs.

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