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High Dream, drawing on nearly 18 years of extensive experience in the manufacturing and sales of weighing equipment, provides professional weighing solutions, to various industries. Among its flagship products, the loss-in-weight-feeder stands out, enabling continuous feeding, weighing, and batching of various materials. It has become the preferred choice in industries such as food, plastics, and chemicals, contributing to reduced labor costs and improved workshop environments.


Choosing a loss-in-weight feeder system

Mr. Tan, the Sales Director of the LIW feeder Division at High Dream, once remarked, "The loss-in-weight-feeder is not merely a standalone device. Many times, based on the actual conditions of the customer's factory and the layout of production lines, we can provide on-site, practical, turnkey engineering solutions. Leveraging our precise understanding of powder and granular material in the batching system and our reliable grasp of upstream and downstream process knowledge, combined with the team's extensive supporting experience, we creatively apply our technical expertise to bring users the best system operation and maximum benefits."

Now, let's explore the practical applications of High Dream's loss-in-weight-feeder in various industries!


Food Industry

Taking the example of quantified, continuous, automatic batching in the production of sesame cakes (shaqima), the main challenge lies in the light weight and low density of sesame cakes. To address this, it is essential to ensure a sufficiently large buffer zone in the belt scale and, at the same time, guarantee an adequate supply of materials.

High Dream's loss-in-weight-feeder system utilizes photoelectric switches to detect the high, medium, and low levels of material in the horizontal conveyor. This control mechanism regulates the start and stop of the conveyor belt before frying, ensuring an ample supply of materials in the horizontal conveyor and preventing material overflow.

During the frying process of sesame cookies, there can be significant fluctuations due to variations in temperature and moisture content in the pot. The on-site control capability of High Dream and the precise and reliable operation of the equipment can ensure stable and reliable proportioning work even when there are fluctuations in raw material supply.


Plastic Industry

High Dream's loss-in-weight-feeder is currently applicable to the polymerization granulation of large-scale polyethylene and polypropylene. Additionally, it is also applied in the extrusion of multi-layer sheets and pipes.




High Dream Modified Plastics Production line

In the application of the parallel twin-screw extrusion modification and granulation process, the focus is on the automatic batching system for multiple extrusion production lines. It covers manual material loading to turnkey engineering for the extruder's feeding port. Customers are required to provide all materials for pre-testing and accurate selection of the loss-in-weight-feeder. High Dream is capable of providing precise solution design and execution, with a short installation, debugging, and start-up period, delivery is guaranteed, and the overall cost-effectiveness is very high.


Chemical Industry

Unlike the food industry and the modified plastics industry, factories in the chemical industry must consider explosion-proof measures. Additionally, the chemical industry typically requires large feeding quantities, necessitating the use of large-scale loss-in-weight-feeder. This poses a challenge, mainly because the weighing range of most domestic manufacturers' loss-in-weight scales is generally between 2 kilograms and 2 tons.


High Dream PVC Production Line

As a leader among weighing equipment manufacturer, High Dream has the capability to provide customers with large-scale loss-in-weight-feeder. Taking into account factors such as large production capacity and the tendency of powder materials to bridge and not easily dislodge, High Dream also incorporated devices for arch-breaking and anti-bridging. In dealing with materials prone to moisture, strict system sealing is provided to serve the dual purpose of dust removal and preventing atmospheric pollution.


If your production line has these requirements, reach out to us right away for efficient, precise, and reliably stable solutions!

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