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B-500-O Weigh Belt Feeder
B-500-O Weigh Belt Feeder

B-500-O Weigh Belt Feeder

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Application of B-500-O Weigh Belt Feeder

Modified plastics, Food industry, Plastic recycling, Pharmaceuticals industry, Petrochemical industry, Coal chemical industry

Specifications of B-500-O Weigh Belt Feeder

Name:Belt feeder


Controller:7 inch touch screen, double closed-loop feedback single-chip microcomputer control system

Weighting unit:load cell, IP65, AD digital modules

Belt-driven motor:serve motor,P=0.75kW,IP65

Belt width:500mm

Standard power supply:220V,50HZ

Material features:granular,fiber,other

Bulk density (kg/L):Big,Medium,Small



Flow rate(kg/h):50-10000

Hopper size:500

Weighing range:10


With static electricity:No

Solutions of B-500-O Weigh Belt Feeder

B-500-O Weigh Belt Feeder
Application includes many kinds of dry and wet products, such as snacks, confectionery, nuts, chips, flakes, cookies, beans, pet food, etc.


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