What Are the Functions of the Weighpack Machine?

The weighpack machine is a kind of weighing and sorting equipment in the production line. The weightpack machine is based on the dynamic weighing technology, which realizes the functions of automatically transporting the products in motion to the weighing platform for weighing, and automatically sorting and rejecting them. Under the background that technology is the primary productive force, automatic weighpack machine with its advantages of full automation, high precision, 100% inspection rate, simple operation and maintenance and perfect function has become the best choice for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and battery industries to ensure quality, reduce cost and improve production efficiency. What are the functions of weighpack machine?

1. Understand the precision level of the weightpack machine

The accuracy level of the weighpack machine includes the non-linearity, stress relaxation, stress relaxation repair, lag, repeatability, sensitivity and other performance indicators of the weighing machine. A weighpack machine is actually a machine that converts quality signals into accurately measurable electronic device data signal outputs. Subsequently, the actual geographical environment of the installation of the net weight machine is first considered. It is related to all the normal operation and safety performance and service life of the sensor, and even the feasibility and safety performance of the whole machine.

After using the automatic weightpack machine, we must clean up the foreign objects or residues on the weightpack machine in time. This is to prevent foreign objects from entering the machine and cause damage. At the same time, we also usually clean and maintain the machine. When using the automatic weightpack machine, you must pay attention to the details, because the automatic weightpack machine is a precise instrument, and paying attention to the details can prolong the life of the automatic weighing machine.

2. Functions that weightpack machine can achieve

(1) Check weighing. Checkweighing is actually a judgment process, that is, to check whether the weight of the item meets the requirements. When the said product does not meet the set weight requirements, the equipment will proceed to the next step, and will not deliver the unqualified product to the next work link. This is another great advantage of the dynamic weigher packing machine.

(2) Alarm or reject. When the equipment detects that the item does not meet the required weight, the equipment can automatically remove the product from the production line, which requires the use of its supporting equipment, the rejection machine. If customers do not want to use the reject machine, they can choose to let the weighing machine automatically alarm and stop.

(3) The weighing data can be memorized. The weighing data of each batch can be memorized by the weighing machine. If it needs to be exported, it can be exported. If the signal transmission and interaction are required, the dynamic weighing machine can realize that. Therefore, the device can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with an automated assembly line to achieve unmanned operation.

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