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The meal packaging systems can pack all kinds of granular materials, just choose different metering and filling devices according to different materials, so that large, medium and small-scale enterprises can realize packaging automation. The whole automatic packaging machine of the auto packing system and its parts are processed by stainless steel or other materials that meet the requirements, which meets the sanitary standards of food processing machinery to ensure the safety and sanitation of food packaging; in addition, it adopts advanced electrical control systems and man-machine interface, so it is easy to operate.

Types of Packaging System

Automated food packaging systems have a wide range of packaging, and can pack solid materials such as melon seeds, roasted seeds and nuts, rock sugar, pistachios, peanuts, nuts, almonds, raisins, and other snack foods; various particles such as seeds, capsules, granular medicines, feed, fertilizer particles, which are widely used in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, agricultural and sideline products industries.

Requirements for Food Packaging

Food packaging line is an integral part of food commodities. As one of the main parts in the food industry, intelligent food packaging system protects food and prevents biological, chemical, and physical damage from external factors when the food leaves the factory to the consumer. Engineered packaging solutions can also maintain the stability of the food itself. In addition,  best food packing system facilitates the consumption of food, and is the first to show the appearance of food, to attract the image of consumption, with value beyond the material cost. Therefore, the food packaging system process is also an inseparable part of the food manufacturing system engineering, and there are certain requirements for food packaging.

1. Automated food packaging should meet the process requirements with good adaptability to packaging materials and containers, and ensures quality and production efficiency.

2. Food packaging line needs to meet the sanitary requirements and has reliable control devices for the conditions required by the packaging;

3. For a single product, choose a special packaging line equipment; while choose a multi-function packaging line equipment for products of multiple varieties with same types and specifications;

4. Intelligent food packaging system needs advanced technology, stable and reliable work, low energy consumption, which can improve workers' working conditions and reduce labor intensity.

What Makes Packaging Efficient and Effective

Sometimes, the problem with the packaging process is the food packaging line. This can be due to budget changes. However, making investments in packaging equipment systems means lower costs in other areas, such as labor and product damage. You're more likely to see this improvement over time, but new technology of intelligent packaging system offers a faster return on investment. If you're not sure of the specifics of your industry, many companies choose to hire a packaging professional to conduct a food packaging line audit and recommend changes to meet their needs, which can better ensure the efficiency of food packaging.

High Dream is one of the professional packaging automation companies, we offer packaging solutions including cold chain packaging solutions, automotive packaging solutions, as well as packaging machine maintenance.

Packaging System for Dehydrated Foods

Dehydration is a method of preserving food by removing water from food. Almost all foods containing water can do this. Dehydration not only increases the warranty, but also prevents food decay and microbial breeding. High dream's automated food packaging machine can automatically dehydrate food, which not only increases the shelf life of food, but also makes it healthier. When packing food, remember to put desiccant to prevent bacteria from growing.

Food Packaging Line Video

In addition, high dream also provides some videos to give customers a more intuitive understanding of our automatic food packaging system.

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