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1. Why multihead weighers are becoming more and more important in weighing and packaging


Because the multihead weigher has good performance in terms of accuracy and speed, it has been rapidly and widely used in the food industry.


The multihead weigher can weigh three types of materials: block, granular, and strip. Among them, the weighing of bulk materials can best reflect the superiority of the multihead scale, which solves the problem of large measurement errors caused by the large weight of the bulk materials.The computer combination weigher that was originally regarded as a "noble product" is no longer the patent of large companies. More companies in China pursuing high speed and high efficiency have eliminated the previous quantitative weighing and packaging production lines that used full-cup or full labor costs. Arm yourself with a high-tech, more automated combination weigher quantitative weighing and packaging system. Therefore, multihead scales are becoming more and more important in weighing and packaging, and they play an extremely important role.


2. Food companies should pay special attention to the use of multihead weighers


The multihead weigher basically does not need to be repaired during use, and only needs to be cleaned daily. Two points that food companies should pay special attention to when using multihead scales are:


First, as far as possible to maintain the continuity, stability and rationality of the supply. If the amount of material supplied is too much or too little, the material in the weighing hopper will be too much or too little, which will cause the combination of the multihead weigher to be difficult or impossible to combine, thereby reducing the speed and accuracy of weighing;


Second, when disassembling and assembling the weighing hopper, it should be as light as possible. Excessive force will damage the load cell and affect the weighing accuracy or even make it impossible to use.


Third, after daily use, clean the main vibrating plate, line vibrating plate, feed hopper, weighing hopper and other places that are in direct contact with the measured object. Before each use, check whether there is any foreign matter on the hooks of each weighing bucket, and remove and clean the dust on the hooks after use.

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