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1. About loss in weight scale

The weightlessness scale is composed of a hopper, a feeder (single and double screw feeder), a weighing system and a regulator. In operation, the hopper, material and feeder are jointly and continuously weighed.

After the material is sent out, the weight loss scale measures the true weight loss rate and compares it with the required weight loss rate. The loss in weight scale automatically corrects the deviation from the set point by adjusting the feeder rate, so that the material can be continuously fed evenly and accurately.

2. What are the work conveniences brought by the loss in weight scale?

The weightless scale is suitable for all kinds of particles, powder, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, resin film, resin powder group, flour, starch, etc. In the use of powder scales, weightlessness scales solve the problem of poorly fluidized feeding metering and feeding, while pellet scales solve any bridging problems that may occur. With a weightless scale, people's work really becomes much easier.

Features and Application Range of Automatic Checkweigher

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