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The combination weigher is mainly composed of a feeder hopper, a material photoelectric detection switch, a main vibration plate (main vibration machine), a line vibration plate (linear vibration machine), a storage hopper, a weighing hopper, a drive device (stepping motor), a discharge chute, collecting hopper, motor drive board, main board and A/D module. Here is a detailed introduction to the working principle of the combination weighers.

1. The material vibrates through the main vibration plate in the feeder hopper, so that the material is distributed on the conical funnel to the linear vibration plate.

2. When there is no or insufficient material in the line vibrating plate, it will be detected by the material weighing module, which will send a feeding signal to the main board at this time, and then send a feeding signal to the material conveyor through the main board to feed material until the material is detected.

3. The vibration of the line vibration machine drives the line vibration plate to vibrate, adjusting the appropriate amplitude and vibration time to send a material weight within a certain range to each storage hopper.

4. The driving device is a stepping motor, opening the door of the storage hopper and sending the material to the weighing hopper,when there is no material in the weighing hopper below or when there is not enough material in the weighing hopper, the storage hopper will automatically open the door to put the materials in the weighing hopper.

5. The material in the weighing hopper generates a weight signal through the sensor, and then transmits it to the main board of the control device through the lead wire, the CPU on the main board reads and records the weight of each weighing hopper, and then select the combination weighing hopper which is the closest to the target weight through calculation, analysis, and combination. When receiving the discharging request signal sent by the packaging machine, the CPU sends a signal to start the weighing hopper motor driver to open the selected weighing hopper and unload the product into the discharge chute, then the product enters into the packaging machine. If there is a collecting hopper, the weighing hopper is assembled and directly discharged to the collecting hopper, also, when there is a discharging request signal, the collecting hopper motor is started to discharge the material to the packaging machine.

6. When the weighing hopper finishes discharging the materials, the combination weigher will send a signal that the materials have been discharged to the packaging machine, and the packaging machine will start to seal and cut the bag after receiving the signal, when the packaging mechanism has completed a bag, it will send a discharging request signal to the combination weigher to discharge the material, and keeps the cycle going.

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