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 Nov. 25th to 27th, 2020, Guangdong High Dream Intellectualized Machinery co., ltd. (booth number 51A30) participated in the 26th Propak China Exhibition — which was held at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center.


The booth of High Dream was crowded, and the enthusiasm for communication continued to rise.











Don't be upset if you haven't been to the scene in person. Let me show you High Dream's booth and wonderful moments!


Not much to say, let's take a look at the highlights of our booth:

High Dream has rich and professional experience in the food industry. It has a broad product portfolio including combination scales, gold inspection machines, sorting scales, and anti-stick scales to meet our customers' such requirements as food weighing, testing, and packaging to accelerate their growth and maintain competitive advantages.


All the time, our staff have been showing up in all occasions, from major exhibitions to more professional conferences and speeches. Preparation in the early stage to participation in the later stage, it is a process concerning three departments: sales, technology, and marketing.


With face-to-face communication, our colleagues collect more information and problems of the customers; the technical department provides more technical support and product services, and the market provides more resources for early publicity and later promotion. It is like a circle - mutual support and mutual circulation - our team has been constantly learning, growing, being energetic and enthusiastic.




On the road of continuous advancement, in the face of new opportunities and challenges, we will not forget our original aspirations and are always committed to the continuous development of innovative technologies to help users create more business value!

Two Projects of Highdream

Make your industry more productive and profitable with a weigh belt feeder.

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