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In motion weighing is a concept which contrary to static weighing. In motion checkweigher is applied for radpid weighing during product moving. With high accuracy and fast weighing speed, so far precision is ±0.1g. Nowadays, In motion checkweigher, static checkweigher, weighing equipment are combined with production and sales. It is getting more attention in every industry, and its market demand grows gradually. Users can choose their own checkweigher accroding to themselves actual weighing requirment.

Ⅰ. Advantages of in-motion checkweigher

1. In motion checkweigher can classify different product weight accroding to specification, it is convenient for selection.

2. In motion checkweigher can detect the missing part of product and find out the unqualified product.

3. Detect and find out the missing operation manual or other necessary item in package.

4. In motion checkweigher can improve the production efficiency and reduce the rate of defective product.

Ⅱ. Maintanance of in-motion checkweigher

In motion checkweigher maintanance including daily maintanance, regular maintanance, regular checking and precision checking. Lubrication and anti-condensation system are the important parts of machine maintainance. These maintanance of in motion checkweigher is most important to make a precision checkweigher.

1. The daily maintanance of in motion checkweigher is the basic work, which should be institutionalized and standardized.

2. The regular maintanance of in motion checkweigher is a kind of schedueled and preventative miantanance. Except for human sense, tools and instruments are required. Regular maintanance schedule also caled regular point checking.

3. In motion checkweigher also need precsion checking, ensure the equipment is in high accuracy status.

How Does the Automatic Checkweigher Improve Production Efficiency?

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