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With the development of society, the use of loss-in-weight scale in the market is becoming more and more extensive, because this equipment is a necessary equipment to realize the automation of flow operations. The use of this equipment can bring a lot of convenience to mechanized operations, which can save manpower and material resources and improve work efficiency.

1. What should we pay attention to when using a loss-in-weight scale?

Before using the loss-in-weight scale, the staff needs to check the working status of the equipment, and for the safety of the production work, do not place any sundries on the equipment to prevent these sundries from falling during the operation of the equipment and causing danger. In addition, it is necessary for the user to have a certain understanding of the pressure load that the equipment can withstand. Some equipment will fail suddenly because it exceeds the range of the motor when it is working. Therefore, you should pay attention to these situations when using loss-in-weight feeding equipment. So, we can avoid the hidden trouble of failure caused by exceeding the bearing range of the equipment.

During the transportation of materials through a loss-in-weight scale, in fact, the belt used by the equipment is very important. Some belts will be loose because they have been used for a long time. At this time, there will be problems in the transportation of materials and it is difficult to ensure accuracy. So when the belt is found to have the above problems, it must be adjusted in time. During the period of using the loss-in-weight scale, the staff should regularly carry out lubrication and maintenance of the equipment. Lubricating the device can ensure flexibility and avoid causing malfunctions by the friction between the devices.

2. How should carry out the daily maintenance of the loss-in-weight scale 

First of all, people should know that the loss-in-weight scale should be placed in a stable place during the work process, and there should be no too many sundries around it so as to avoid equipment failure due to other factors. A stable place can ensure the loss-in-weight feeder accuracy

Secondly, the loss-in-weight scale should be filled with lubricating oil regularly in the daily work process, which can reduce a lot of trouble in the work process. If the loss-in-weight scale is not in use, it is best for the user to use a rain cloth to cover it, which can prevent dust and rain.

In addition to the above-mentioned places where you need to pay attention to daily maintenance, the maintenance of the generator is also very important. If the generator is overheated, it is easy to cause safety accidents. Therefore, the user needs to check the generator temperature regularly. If it is overheated, pay attention to the heat dissipation problem. The above is the method of daily maintenance of the loss-in-weightless scale during use. Only by doing the relevant work, the life of the loss-in-weight scale will be longer.

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