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Automatic check weigher is an indispensable weighing equipment used in automated production lines. In the process of using, what aspects need to be paid attention to? Let me tell you about the matters needing attention:

1. The sensor of the automatic check weigher is very sensitive and must be treated with care. Avoid vibration, squeeze or objects falling on the weighing or conveyor belt. It is forbidden to place the tool on the weighing platform.

2. Weighing products should enter the automatic checkweigher regularly. The product spacing is as equal as possible, which is a prerequisite for reliable weighing. At the same time, keep the photoelectric switch clean. As dust, smudges or moisture on the optical components may cause malfunctions, use a soft cloth or cotton cloth to gently wipe these components.

3. In the transportation of the automatic check weigher, the weighing conveyor belt must be fixed in position with screws and nuts.

4. If the automatic checkweigher machine is equipped with a belt conveyor, check the conveyor belt regularly. The conveyor belt must not touch any guards or transition plates, as this will cause additional wear and vibration. It may affect the accuracy. If guards are installed, please check that they are in good condition and installed in the correct position. Replace worn belts as quickly as possible.

5. If the automatic check weigher is equipped with a chain conveyor, check the guards regularly to ensure that they are in good condition and installed in the correct position.

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