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1. Introduction of automatic packaging line

The automatic packaging line adopts advanced equipment to improve the reliability of the equipment itself and reduce the adjustment and maintenance time. The automatic packaging line uses a continuous packaging machine to reduce or eliminate auxiliary operation time as much as possible. The automatic packaging line uses a number of packaging machines to complete the packaging process with a long process time in parallel, or dispersed in several stations to complete the joint. The automatic packaging line regularly overhauls and maintains the equipment, which can reduce the number of equipment accidents. The automatic packaging line is equipped with the necessary automatic detection system to realize automatic diagnosis, automatic elimination, automatic alarm and automatic protection, etc., and reduce the loss of shutdown due to accidents, and improve the operation and management level of production and organizers, and try to eliminate the influence caused by human factors.

2. Introduction to the characteristics of the automatic packaging line

The automatic packaging line is an effective combination of humans and machines, which best reflects the flexibility of the assembly line equipment in operation, so as to meet the requirements of various products on the conveying conditions. The conveying capacity and conveying volume of the automatic packaging line are very large, and it can load heavier weights. The conveying distance is relatively long. At the same time, the speed of the assembly line is also moderate and stable during the conveying process, which can completely guarantee the accurate and synchronous conveying of the packaged products.

The use of automatic packaging lines can improve work efficiency and at the same time improve product quality, reduce time in the process of making products, and shorten the production cycle. The automatic packaging line is highly automated in the product conveying process, and it is very convenient whether it is in accumulation or in the process of transportation. The automatic packaging line can work in harsh places with high temperature and much dust, which is very practical, and there is no excessive noise, and the customer is particularly comfortable to work. The automatic packaging line uses a specially formulated aluminum material, so it is handy and very convenient when assembling.

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