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The automatic checkweigher is a dynamic weighing system in the high-speed production line. The automatic checkweigher realizes high-precision weight detection and automatically rejects products that are too light or too heavy and do not meet the production requirements. So how to use the automatic checkweigher on the production line? What functions does the checkweigher have to improve production efficiency?

Ⅰ. How to use the automatic checkweigher

1. Manual for the checkweigher

Each brand of different series of automatic checkweighers will have a corresponding instruction manual. Before using the automatic checkweigher, the purchasing company must read it carefully and be familiar with the product buttons and functions. Although equipment manufacturers will assign professional technical personnel to the customer's production line for professional training and guidance, the use of enterprises should not ignore the importance of the manual for the automatic checkweigher.

2. Checkweigher operators

Operators of automatic checkweighers need to undergo professional training, and they need to be familiar with all the functions of the equipment before they can operate the equipment in order to bring the equipment into full play. Of course, the operator also needs to understand some troubleshooting skills. When there is a problem with the equipment, it can be found in time and fed back to the technician for overhaul, so as to reduce the loss as much as possible.

3. The correct using principle of the checkweigher

The checkweigher is designed by integrating mechanical and electrical technology and taking into account safety principles. Improper use can also cause harm to people or third parties, or damage the equipment itself and other properties. It can only operate under the premise of good technology and safety status. Any possible imbalance and problems, especially safety problems, need to be eliminated immediately. The equipment is only used for dynamic weighing and static weighing, and other applications are prohibited.

Ⅱ. The automatic checkweigher can improve production efficiency

The automatic checkweigher is compact in design, small in size, and small in footprint, which avoids the cost and time caused by the reorganization and re-design of the production line required by the large-scale system. Checkweighers are widely used in different industries.

The automatic checkweigher system is a automatic weighing system that characterized by a wide weighing range and high accuracy. This feature, combined with several standard configurations and improved flexibility, can be applied to a wide variety of products. 

The automation of effective processes can increase production efficiency and reduce the number of operators. Innovative automated integrity checking or order picking means that the operator only needs to operate when changing the collection box, saving a lot of time and manpower. The automatic checkweigher can perform checkweighing, weighing and counting, while providing professional software and digital input/output (I/O) signals, helping to liberate employees from the ever-increasing workload.

How Did the Automatic Checkweigher Replace Manual Work?

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