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With the development of the food industry, the requirements for food packaging are getting higher and higher, and some traditional packaging equipment can no longer meet the needs. Therefore,some high-precision packaging equipment appeared, such as automated packaging equipment.

The automated packaging equipment is mainly composed of a band feeder, a self-discharging weighing hopper, a bag receiving hopper, and an electric control device, etc, which has the good performance. Among them, the band feeder is made up of a material layer gate, a conveyor belt, and a switch gate. What's more, the dual-speed motor is used to control the conveying speed of the conveyor belt and the height of the material layer at the discharge port, so as to control the feeding amount in order to reach the accurate target

The self-discharging weighing hopper is mainly to connect the weighing hopper with the weighing sensor by joint bearings or cylindrical pins, so that the weight of the weighing hopper and the load can be accurately displayed on the weighing instrument. The discharge door at the bottom of the packaging machine hopper is generally driven by a single cylinder, which can keep the weighing hopper relatively balanced during the entire working process.

As the main part of the automated packaging equipment, the electronic control device not only has the functions of coarse measurement, fine measurement, over-impulse compensation and unloading control, but also can carry out a higher conversion rate. When the load exceeds the allowance range, it will play the function of self-protection after the power failure.

When the automated packaging equipment is weighing materials, the electronic control device controls the coarse and fine feeding of the feeder through the load change of the sensor. When the preset quality is reached, the feeder will stop feeding and send out discharging signal. The actual operation of the automated packaging equipment is very simple, and the packaging speed and accuracy can easily meet the requirements, which is an automatic packaging machine suitable for food packaging.

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