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Combination weighers are widely used in the quantitative packaging of granular food, potato chips, candy, puffed food, biscuits, frozen vegetable food and other industries due to their high-speed, high-precision weighing,  high degree of automation and other performances. The combination weighers solve the problem of the large measurement errors caused by the small weight of a single piece, which reflect the revolution and superiority of the combination weigher in the field of weighing apparatus.

Granular foods are the packaged foods made with noodles, fruit and vegetable seeds, nuts, nutlets, etc. as the main raw materials, adding or not adding auxiliary materials, and processed by stir-frying, baking (including steaming and roasting) as well as deep-frying. In the past, more than half of the production companies were still at the manual packaging level, the accuracy of packaging measurement was unstable with the large human factors, besides, some of them have outdated packaging equipment, outdated technology, and poor measurement repeatability. Taking a food company as an example, this is a company specialized in the production of leisure snacks, which has always used manual packaging before, the packaging speed can only reach 20 bags/minute, and the average error value of single bag weighing is greater than 5g, that is, each bag (50g) is packed at least 5g more due to inaccurate weighing. Based on the annual output of 5,000 tons, the company loses nearly 500 tons of products per year alone. However, the combination weighers are greatly improved in terms of packaging accuracy and speed compared to traditional measurement methods.

At present, the weighing error of the combination weighers is 0.1-1.0g, the weighing range is 0-2500g and the weighing speed can reach up to 180 times per minute. After the company adopts the combination weighers, the average error is 0.2-0.5g, that is, the weighing error loss of each bag of roasted food (50g) is reduced by more than 3 grams compared with manual weighing. Through the production and use of combination weighers, all investment was recovered in less than half a year, at present, all similar production lines of this company have used combination weighers.

Another important advantage of the combination weighers is that they have corresponding application technology according to the different materials, such as fragile type, waterproof type, sticky type, mixed weighing and so on, which can meet the needs of various aspects.

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