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1. Composition of automatic checkweigher

Online checkweighing has gradually become an indispensable link in modern industrial production, especially in the production process of food and pharmaceutical industries.The automatic checkweigher completes the measurement of the weight of the product during the conveying process of the product, and compares the measured weight with the preset range to remove the products with unqualified weights, or distribute the products with different weight ranges to the designated areas via the instructions issued by the control box.

The automatic checkweigher is usually composed of a conveying mechanism, a sorting mechanism, and a weighing mechanism. The weighing mechanism completes the collection of the weight signal and sends the weight signal to the control box for processing. The conveying mechanism mainly increases the speed to ensure that there is sufficient space between products. The sorting mechanism is used to reject the unqualified products that have been tested.

2. Weighing process of automatic checkweigher

(1) Front-end conveying mechanism: Transfer the measured object to the weighing mechanism. On the one hand, give the object an initial speed, so that after entering the weighing mechanism, it can reach the stability faster; on the other hand, it can isolate the front-end material and reduce shock to ensure measurement accuracy;

(2) Intermediate weighing mechanism: This part is a key part of the entire mechanical system of automatic checkweigher. Its structural design and installation accuracy directly affect the measurement accuracy of the system. It is composed of conveying motor, photoelectric monitoring part and weighing sensor to complete the dynamic weighing of objects;

(3) Back-end sorting mechanism: This part is the part of sorting, which is composed of conveying part, pneumatic valve, hopper, etc. to complete the rejection and sorting of unqualified parts. The rejection method can be set to blow, push rod, shift rod, drop and so on.

3. Application of automatic checkweigher

The automatic checkweigher can be applied in various industries, such as food, medicine, chemical industry, beverage, plastic and rubber.

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