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With the rapid economic growth, the proportion of chilled meat, small packaged meat and various meat products on the market will also increase rapidly, the demand for food metal detectors will also increase.

1. The increase in security requirements:

People's attention to meat safety has also increased along with meat consumption; On the other hand, in order to enhance market competitiveness, all meat production enterprises are seeking to obtain a green pass to enter the international market, and they are increasingly paying attention to the implementation of the HACCP certification system. Driven by the above backgrounds, verification machine meat processors have begun to introduce metal detectors in their production lines to improve the safety of meat products, ensure product quality, and enhance customer confidence.

In the production process of meat products, food metal detectors are mainly used for online detection of raw meat or meat products for metal impurities, including iron, non-ferrous metals and stainless steel. The sources of these metal impurities are mainly divided into several categories, including metal tags, needles, wire and so on in raw meat; personal items of operators, such as coins, keys, hairpins, thumbtacks and so on; And the impurities produced by machinery and equipment during the production process, such as metal scraps caused by machine damage during the cutting, crushing or mixing process of raw meat.

2. The characteristics of metal detector are as follows:

In order to detect the above-mentioned metal impurities, it is an economical and practical method to install a metal detector during the production process. The food metal detector used in the meat processing industry must have the following characteristics:

Use environment: The products processed by meat products are products that people eat, so there are higher requirements for the sanitary conditions of the production. Using tap water (or even high-pressure water) to flush equipment is a common cleaning method, which requires metal detectors with anti-flushing functions, such as stainless-steel housing, IP65 waterproof level, and so on.

Meat product itself: As raw meat or meat product itself is an electrical conductor, it will generate product signal when passing through the metal detector, which will interfere with the normal operation of the metal detector. This requires the metal detector to overcome the interference of product signals and correctly detect metal impurities.

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