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People like to experience different cuisines during the holidays. However, the various flavors in daily life come from seasoning, which is an important part of cooking. Whether it is at home or restaurants, seasonings are essential. Different collocations often give us different tastes.


Accurate Seasoning Weighting


To satisfy the picky taste buds, it is necessary to accurately control the proportion of the seasoning. If you want to be accurate, you have to start with food packaging. High Dream will give you a professional answer!

High Dream Intelligent Loss in Weight Feeder


Loss in Weight Feeder


Many seasonings are made up of multiple ingredients. How to grasp the ratio of ingredients efficiently and precisely? High Dream loss in weight feeder is fully automated and can carry out accurate weighing for formulas through data processing. In addition, its horizontal stirring driven by a separate servo motor and vertical stirring for materials that are easier to bridge can effectively solve the bridging and arched problems of material weighing. High Dream provides feasible solutions to achieve intelligent weighing!


High Dream Intelligent Multihead Weigher


Multi Head Combination Weigher


In addition to powdery seasonings, dry seasonings such as cinnamon and star anise also play an important role in food cooking. For small, loose, and granular seasonings, High Dream has also prepared a specialized helper——multi-head combination weigher. The design of multiple hoppers focuses on high efficiency and makes granular seasoning weigh faster. Real-time recording, accurate data. High Dream multi-head weigher can achieve high-precision and high-speed production, while strictly controlling the weight of the seasoning.

High Dream Intelligent Metal Detector


Intelligent Metal Detector


When it comes to food, food safety issues cannot be ignored. How to better avoid potential hidden dangers in the production line? High Dream metal detectors can help. It can easily identify metallic foreign bodies and remove them in time. With high sensitivity, strong stability, and high precision, it can be a guardian of food safety. 

High Dream Intelligent Check Weigher


Intelligent Check Weigher


When packaging and measuring products, "accuracy" and "quantity" are critical. Products that meet the standards can attract more customers! High Dream intelligent check weigher can automatically screen and eliminate products that do not meet the weight standards, so that food packaging can be weighed accurately!

What Are the Functions of the Weighpack Machine?

Make your industry more productive and profitable with a weigh belt feeder.

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